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May 09, 2023 | Kelly Palmer | 1507 views
Power Skating trio added to the Next Level Development Team
The Flamborough Hockey Association is very excited to announce the final members of the Next Level Development Team.  Welcome Michelle Moore Davison, Karly Brush, and Ryan Moore.

We’re very fortunate to have the expertise of each of these highly skilled skating coaches help our players become Next Level skaters.  

Our Representative and MD teams will benefit from having these skating coaches run full hour skating sessions multiple times each month to provide consistency and growth. 

Michele Moore Davison
Michele is a technical skating coach, working with many players in the NHL, OHL and Minor Hockey leagues. In 2022, Michele was hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs as a Skating Consultant for player development. 
Michele was a National Level figure skater, competing at 9 National Championships in Women’s Singles Skating. Michele also competed on the National Synchronized Skating Team, Nexxice winning a World Championship in 2009, later being inducted into the Skate Canada, Hall of Fame.

Together with her husband & 2 young children, Michele is a Waterdown resident and is looking forward to giving back to the Flamborough hockey association.  

Ryan Moore 
Ryan had a successful career playing hockey at the Rep AAA, Junior, OHL, C.I.S. and Sr. A levels. He was drafted to the OHL and won championships at the Junior and Sr. A levels.  As a player, Ryan was known for his powerful skating and his shot as well as his ability to read the game. Ryan works with players of all ages, from minor hockey to OHL & NHL.

Michele & Ryan are siblings and business partners at The Burlington Pond, Hockey Training Centre. Together they focus on technical skating & hockey skill foundations, improving players skating tools such as explosive power, quickness, stride, edges & weight transfer to ensure players are well balanced, efficient and agile. 

Karly Brush
Karly Brush is an NCCP Skate Canada Figure Skating and Canpowerskate Certified Professional Coach with over 15 years coaching experience and a background in both competitive figure skating and hockey bringing a unique skill set to the ice! Karly works with players in the OHL, NCAA, OJHL ad Minor Hockey. Karly focuses on body alignment and edge development and control combined with a commitment to building power and speed through effective training techniques.  Karly grew up in Waterdown and assists in running the Flamborough Skating club out of Harry Howell arena and looks forward to contributing to the Flamborough Hockey Association.
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