U7 (Flamborough Hockey Association Inc.)


Timbits U7 hockey is a fun, safe and engaging introduction to Canada’s game. Timbits U7 makes the first strides in the game a safe and positive experience, introducing first-timers to basic skills.  Players become members of a team, develop self-confidence and experience personal achievement, all through fun and fair play.

Two ice times per week.  

U7 hockey games are played Cross Ice.  Playing on a small ice surface increases player engagement and results in more puck touches for all players. Read more at: Timbits Under-7 Hockey | Complete Guide (hockeycanada.ca)

The U7-3 division begins organized Cross Ice games in January.  1 game per week.  Referee provided.  No score is kept.

Coaches may be on ice during Cross Ice games.  At U7, coaches are permitted to fulfil the role of referee as needed.

Goaltending is a rotating position.  Wearing goalie equipment is not required to defend the net in U7, but equipment will be provided where possible.

Tiering:  Depending on registration numbers and the resulting number of teams, U7 age divisions may be tiered.  This means an age division may be partitioned so teams of like ability play against each other. 

See Age Division Chart and General Information posted under House League