Hamilton Police Check Application (Flamborough Hockey Association Inc.)

PrintHamilton Police Check Application

All FHA volunteers must have a current police check (Vulnerable Sector Screening) filed with the board.  This has become much easier since Hamilton Police have provided an on-line process.

1. The applicant must first create a free user account to be able to move beyond the initial information screens and see this more detailed information.  

2.The is a non-refundable processing fee of, $9.95

3. The Vulnerable Sector screening is, $25 for non-paid/volunteer positions.

4. If the person ends up being a potential 'hit', they will be required to pay another $25 fee for elimination fingerprints.  This is explained in detail as they make their selections.

** Note that applicants under 21 years and/or with limited or no personal credit history will be unable to authenticate online, and will have to attend in person.  For those persons it may be better to skip the online process and save the non-refundable $9.95 Transunion fee.  On-line authentication works for most people, but not everyone.

Once police checks are completed, please submit to the OHF through their screening portal  HERE

Police Check Letter: ohf-letter-requesting-vulnerable-sector-check.pdf

For Information on the Vulnerable Sector Screening CLICK HERE

Direct Link to the Hamilton Police Record Check CLICK HERE