U8 and U9 (Flamborough Hockey Association Inc.)

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U8 and U9

U8 and U9 fall under the guidelines of Hockey Canada’s U9 Player Pathway.  The skills of skating, puck control, passing and shooting are introduced and expanded one step at a time. A focus on fun and skill development enhances a player’s enjoyment of the game, while they also experience fitness, fair play and cooperation.

Two ice times per week. 

Goaltending is by rotation. All players are encouraged to try the goalie position in U8 and U9.  A set of goalie equipment is provided to each team.

U8 and U9 play 4 vs 4 on Half Ice. Playing on a smaller ice surface increases player engagement and results in more puck touches for all players. See Hockey Canada’s U9 Player Pathway for more information.  Referee is provided.  No score is kept.

U8 begins organized Half Ice games (1 per week) after several weeks of practice. 

U9 usually begins organized Half Ice games (1 per week) immediately after team formation.

U9 transitions to Full Ice games in mid January.  Regular hockey rules apply, with the recommended exception of line changes on a buzzer rather than changing on the fly.

In the event that U8 and U9 form a merged division, all transition to Full Ice in mid January.

At each Full Ice game, a parent volunteer (usually provided by the home team) is needed to fill the role of timekeeper/scorekeeper.

See Age Division Chart and General Information posted under House League