AGM (Flamborough Hockey Association)

FHA Annual General Meeting 

Date: June 19, 2019

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Carlisle Hall – Downstairs


1. Board Member Positions up for election

  • President
  • Rep Director
  • HR Director
  • Lower House Director
  • Media/Secretary Director


Members to submit Nomination forms for the open Board positions and any other business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting.

Nomination forms must be completed by the nominee and two (2) nominators who are Members of the F.H.A

All completed Nomination forms must be received by the Secretary from the Members on or before June 12, 2019. The Secretary will post all nomination forms received on the FHA website by June 14, 2019.



2. Consideration of any proposed amendments to the Letter of Patent or By-Laws of the FHA. Must be received by the FHA Secretary by March 10th.


3. The Agenda, finalized date, time and location for the AGM, all nominations received to date and any business to be transacted including but not limited to any proposed amendments to the By-Laws received from Members or approved by the Board will be posted on the FHA website by April 15, 2019.



Board positions open for election this year are:  

Role Title

Rep Director
Human Resources Director
Lower House Director
Media/ Secretary Director

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